Where God guides, He provides


This week in the portion of Scripture I’m studying we learn about Moses’ mission to Pharaoh.   You can read about a development in the story by clicking the ‘Bible Gateway’ link above.  Moses has an excuse.  God wants him to go to the king of Egypt and tell him to let God’s people go, but he doesn’t feel up to the task.  Here’s where we can identify with Moses.  How many times have YOU felt inadequate to do the job that God has called you to?  I know it’s happened in my life.  Here’s what we need to remember:  Where God guides, He provides.  God KNEW Moses.  He knew his limitations.  Here’s what Moses forgot.  1.  God doesn’t have any limitations and   2. If God had called him for a mission certainly He’d make a way for that mission to be accomplished.  Here’s how it worked in Moses’ life.

God:  Moses, go to the king of Egypt and tell him to let me people go.   Moses:  But I can’t speak    God:  Your brother can.  

See how simple that was?  God had a mission.  He was guiding.  Moses couldn’t do it on his own.  God was providing a way.  As we continue to ‘fit in’ this year you may not feel up to the task.  Maybe you’re not.  Moses wasn’t.  Not on his own and not in his own strength.  Where God guides He provides and He will provide you with all you need to accomplish the mission He has called you to.