The Road, Home A poem

Our friend, Stan Koerner has written a poem that I wanted to share.


The Road, Home 

Our Life is ruled by faith or fear

The choice is very plain.

One the road to “Peace on Earth”

The other fraught with pain

The path we take is lit by choice

It’s one way or the other

His illumination guides the way

We trust our “Older Brother”

The path of Love has its’ rewards

Its’ easy to maintain

With friend or foe along we go

With nothing to distain

Each choice we make lays down a brick

Consequences lie there too

Each move we make we play the lot

To see what we must do

The road to peace is the road to joy

Each day we wander thru

We walk this way till our last day

Until we bid a’dieu

The race is won when we are done

We’ve played our final piece

Our spirit soars, to home it goes

We have at last release

R. Stanley Koerner