The beauty of not rushing

Ever have a song lyric inspire you?  Let me give you one that has meant something to me in the last few days.  “Slow down; you move too fast”.  Apparently to Paul Simon, slowing down is directly tied to ‘feeling groovy’.  Have you been moving too fast?  Have you been too busy lately?  It’s easy to get wrapped up in our jobs, school, family activities, responsibilities.  We are tremendously blessed.  With all that goes on in the world and our lives that can be hectic or stressful, we are blessed to have things to do.  We are fortunate to have tasks to accomplish.  I have seen some benefit in doing a couple of simple things this week, which for me was a busy one.  Let me give you a couple of practical ideas to help you feel a little less pressure in your day to day life.

1.  Slow down the pace BETWEEN your activities 

You have a lot to do?  That’s fine.  How are you getting there?  Rushing from task to task can add a layer of stress and pressure to your life that you don’t need.  I know it sounds simple, but it works.  Use Paul Simon’s advice. ‘Slow down…’.  Make an effort to slow your walking pace to your car or to your next activity.  Take a minute to avoid that rushed feeling and I promise it’ll make a difference.


2.   Remove something from your to-do list that isn’t urgent

I haven’t written to this blog in a few days.  Taking a few days off from it allowed my checklist of responsibilities to be smaller and more manageable.  Again… it sounds simple, but what can you take off your list that can wait?  I had a 6 month doctor check up this week.  It became one more thing to do and I was worried about getting everything in this week with this appointment looming.  Can I wait 6 months and one week to see my doctor?  The answer for me was yes.  So I rescheduled.  That’s ok!  I’m not a failure for moving something or avoiding a non-urgent blog post.  No offense to my doctor, but when I go I KNOW I’m going to be there for a least 2-3 hours (no matter how early I arrive for my appointment).  I didn’t have that kind of time this week.  Next week I do.  And then I’ll use that time of forced slowing down in the lobby and waiting room to quiet my mind.


Today I challenge you to walk a little slower; to drive a little slower.  I challenge you to not rush.  Rushing is only something to be proud of in football.  You get no kudos for rushing in life and life is good.  It’s worth not rushing through.  You know what Paul Simon said when he slowed down?  ‘Life I love you!  All is Groovy!’.