Pain is a reminder

Pain can be a useful tool in our lives.  When something painful happens in our lives, it is never desirable.  It can however cause us to be thankful for how far we’ve come or how good God has been to us in getting us through a tough time.  For me, as a forgetful person, pain is a reminder to take my medication.  I suffer from an extreme case of gout.  Some of you have pain as well.  Our pain can remind us that we have a problem and that we need to get the solution.  When we face emotional pain or a traumatic experience like the loss of a loved one or the ending of a relationship, this hurt can remind us that we need the remedy.  Pain can actually have a use for us in that it reminds us to be close to God.  Don’t let your pain cause anger toward your Heavenly Father.  Rather let it be the reason you realize that you need Him more than ever.  Let Him take your bad and use it for good.

Check out this song from one of my favorite groups, All Sons and Daughters.  It’s called ‘For Your Glory And My Good’.  The words are powerful.  “Whether suffering or free from laboring; it’s for Your glory and my good”.