Not getting the band back together

There are different seasons of life. Not better or worse. Just different. Sometimes we like dislike something  simply because it’s different from what we have been used to.    Sometimes we dislike something simply because it’s uncharted territory. Admittedly, I’ve developed a bad habit. I find myself needing to listen to a new album or song at least twice before I like it. This is especially true if it’s from an artist or a band that changes up there sound a bit.  Today in the studio we have a brand-new band. Well, it’s folks I have worked with before, with one new addition to their group. This is a different band essentially. Members of a band that I used to work with for years have formed a new group with someone else. I’ve had to get it into my mind that the old band  isn’t getting back together. I think Taylor Swift wrote a song about it. It has forced me to look at this group as a different entity, because it is. I didn’t know what to expect when they first came in. Even though their music is different from the old band, it’s amazing.    We have different seasons in life that come at different times. Single, married, perhaps kids, those kids moving out, etc.  Seasons come and seasons go. It’s a big step for us to accept that things will not be as they were. It’s a new season and that’s ok. Not better. Not worse. Just different.