New Clothes

This week in the Scripture we read about the High Priest garments.  It’s extremely detailed.  In Exodus 28 we see all the vestments that the high priest was to wear as he served before the Lord.  There is a preparation.  You can’t just walk in and minister before the Holy God, you must first dress in these fine robes and accessories.  What a thought.  Do you PREPARE for worship?  Do you get ourselves ready to enter God’s presence?  These robes remind me of how the Bible says that God’s people are a kingdom of priests.  It also calls to mind the story in Zechariah 3 where Joshua the high priest is standing with filthy robes.  He is instructed to remove the soiled clothing and that God will dress him in new clothes that are clean as a symbol of God washing away sin.  That’s what these clothes of the high priest were all about.  Sacrifice… ministry… atonement.  Jesus, our high priest, wears God’s righteousness like robes and he gives us HIS clothing of righteousness.  Our robes are filthy and he exchanges them for clean ones.  How wonderful.  How good our God is.  How righteous his Messiah.  He is Adonai Tzidkenu… the Lord our Righteousness.  As you get ready today, dress in His righteousness.