Fake News

Isaiah 52:7 speaks of the beauty of the feet that bring the ‘good news’.  In Hebrew this good news is known as the ‘Besorah’.  In English we have a word for this as well and we’re very familiar with it.  It’s the word ‘gospel’.  We know the gospel.  We like the gospel.  We spread the gospel.  The gospel is synonymous with the truth.  When we want to let someone know that our word can be counted on, we say that it can be taken as ‘gospel’.  Following the gospel and its mandates isn’t easy, but we do it because it truly is GOOD news.

On the other hand, we have an enemy.  He however doesn’t give people ‘bad’ news.  Who would fall for it and follow him?  Satan doesn’t deal in bad news.  I’m not even sure the opposite of the gospel IS bad news.  I think the opposite of the good news is fake news.  I don’t mean what some news organizations and social media is dealing in recently, but there is a shocking similarity.  Fake news is ‘you can live however you want and there’s no consequences’.  Fake news is ‘Empty physical relationships are fun and you’re missing out if you’re not in one’.  Fake news is ‘There are many paths to God; just ask Oprah’.  The good news is God is real.  His way is best even when it’s not easy.  The good news is Heaven is real and you can make it there even though not everyone will.  There is so much GOOD NEWS in the good news.  Don’t let the enemy fool you with his promises.  Don’t fall for his trickery.  He’s got nothing for you but fake news.


PS The quote above from Lincoln?  Spoiler alert:  Fake.  🙂