Dancing on the grave

Its that time of year again.  This year is bittersweet.  When we began writing grave dance a few years ago, we agreed to do it for three years consecutively. We may come back to it, but this is the last time in the foreseeable future we will do this particular original play. It has been a joy to be involved in. I believe in it.  It’s difficult to put on a play. It takes a tremendous amount of work from a tremendous amount of people. It always seems to be worth the effort though. The original productions we have done are always a blessing to people. Not that the ones that are not original aren’t a blessing, but there’s something special about ones we have written.  Some of the songs go literally back 15 years to a play we wrote called who is this man. That was the last musical production we ever recorded at someone else’s studio. Very soon we will start advertising for a grave dance.  You may need to make sure all your friends and family come to see it, because we don’t know when we will ever do it again.  We also I believe are still on the lookout for a few actors and extras. Please contact me if you can be involved. 386-547-4004