Bursting out in song

I love musicals.  I always have.  My family loves them.  Well, everyone except my Grandpa.  He could never get into musicals because they are inherently unrealistic.  No one in real life just bursts out into song like Donald O’Connor does in ‘Singing in the rain’.  For some tongue in cheek winking at this phenomenon, Disney poked fun at themselves in the song ‘I can’t stop singing’ from their musical ‘Teen Beach Movie’.  The characters are stuck in a musical and can’t get out.  The guy loves it, the girl – not so much.  The whole song is about how no one in real life just starts singing.

I love my Grandpa (and Teen Beach Movie), but they are wrong.  People DO just burst out into song.  I know it because I do.  My family does.  All the time.  Several times a day.  Maybe you do too.  Here’s one thing I know:  Moses did as well.  So did his sister Miriam.  In Exodus 15 God brought them through the Red Sea on dry land and decimated Egypt’s armies.  He rescued and redeemed them.  It was a reason to sing.  You have a reason to sing!  You may not have the greatest voice, but you have a reason to sing.  Don’t feel like singing? Need a song?  Here’s ‘Reason to Sing’ by All Sons and Daughters.  Sometimes life deals us a blow and we don’t feel we have a reason to sing and celebrate.  We always do.  Let this song minster to you and then sing it out with your whole heart.  “Your peace is a melody. Would you sing it over me now?  I need a reason to sing.  I need to know that you’re still holding the whole world in your hands, and that is a reason to sing”